Tips On How To Tell Your Partner To Start Losing Weight

You really feel your partner should start losing weight, but you are not sure how are you gonna convey that message in a lovely manner without hurting him/her? Well, sounds simple to do but. Take into considerations the reaction from the other end. Therefore, It is not that easy though.  The first thought in your mind maybe what if I offend him/her. This thought may leave you thinking twice before you that message to someone you love. The other worry you probably would like to avoid is that of regret and wishing you never said anything.

Why is it difficult to tell someone you love that they need to reduce their weight? To begin with, your partner might be offended and may take the sentiments as criticism. Take, for example, your partner telling you that, “you are fat”, it may be the truth, yes, but again it may be the worst kind of words coming from someone you love. Therefore, Losing weight is among the most delicate topic of discussions within relationships.

Helpful tips to jump-start your weight loss topic with your partner

To begin with, discussing your partner losing weight may harm your relationship. Your partner may feel unloved and unappreciated. It can drive a sense of insecurity for your loved one and as a result, your relationship may be affected indefinitely. On the other hand, it may push your partner further into indulging in unhealthy eating, inability to stick to a weight loss diet a situation which may end up worsening matters.  Such topics could bring a lot of tension within relationships, as a result, this may further heighten stress levels within your union. Stress may affect a weight loss process negatively.

The tricky thing is that is often very difficult to predict how our message will be received and interpreted from the other end. Either positive or negative. On the other hand, the message may be welcomed, in that case, it’s a well-done job. However, if it’s negative feedback, how then can you speak to your loved one about them kicking off that extra weight without offending them? How can you do it better? Well, there are a few things you will need to understand before you bring the weight loss topic with your partner.  

Go with your partner on a weight loss journey

Well, you need to understand that whether male or female, losing Weight is something a lot of people struggle with at some point in their lives. People want to lose weight for various reasons. Therefore as someone offering the support you need to understand the benefits that surround one losing weight. Let your partner know the reason behind your drive. Don’t tell your partner to lose weight so that they get approval from you, this according to research yield temporal results. Tell your partner why you want them to lose weight. You should be ready to show them the benefits in a more mature and lovely manner, don’t sound judgmental. After all, you are just worried or rather concerned about your partner life, a healthier lifestyle. So approach it from a medical point of view. Point out the facts that come with weight loss, health, and social benefits.

In addition, you will also need to understand that a weight loss journey is purely a personal journey that required a lot of support from those around. So as a partner, you have a duty to show love and care to your spouse during this journey. On top of that, you need to understand that losing weight takes time and may not be achieved within your expected time. As a result, you should have enough patience together during this journey.

Motivate Your Partner

Therefore ensure that you provide your partner with the required motivation, positivity and encouragements all the way through in order to be successful. Don’t at any time judge and criticize your partner. Change your lifestyle by adapting to your partner’s new and healthy lifestyle. In that case, it will be much easier for your loved one to follow suit. Remember actions speak louder than words. Assure your partner that you are just concerned about their health and you still love them dearly.

Celebrate the smallest improvement together. Listen to your partner’s concerns also by lend a hearing ear. Your aim in this journey to bring yourselves close to each other. Before you start your discussion ensure that the environment is really conducive for the topic, do not aim to embarrass your partner in front of other people such as peers, relatives or workmates. This may worsen the situation. During your discussion always remain respectful and handle the whole process in a more mature manner.

Sometimes understand that your partner’s weight may not be an issue to them. It may be something that may not even worry them. If that’s the case then chances are that your partner may even fail to recognize that they are overweight. You also need to understand why your partner is gaining weight, could it be the relationship causing the weight gain or are there other psychological reasons requiring special medical attention?

Much more help for your partner along the way.

Keep all unhealthy foods out of sight. Always encourage your partner to be eating healthy foods. Probably help your loved one to stick to a dietitian’s meal plan. Change your lifestyles as well, for example instead of going out to eat during the evenings you can go out have fun together like biking, swimming or engaging in any other sports.

Taking a walk around together in the evenings can really help your partner love the journey of weight loss. In addition, when you are in front of a TV set Watch shows like, Extreme Weight Loss, I Used to be Fat together. Your partner could just be inspired and turn their lives around, but remember not to judge or compare them. Remember that they are unique, all they need is you around and show support.

During the whole process be as honest as possible. Show your partner you still love them and it’s just that you are concerned about their health. However, don’t force them to do it, rather let them see the benefits of embarking on a weight loss journey. Don’t try to judge, criticize. Your partner is likely to appreciate, you when you go with them. Be ready to provide answers to their question, or point to the relevant professional help, websites or other forms of community support needed. Besides that do your research thoroughly and offer suggestions precisely. Make sure to have an array of options including weight loss diet programs, fitness trainers around.

Offer Help When Needed

Ensure they are motivated to give the encouragements even when they feel nothing is being achieved when they feel like quitting. In such circumstances point out to them the positive changes you have noticed in them, this may just boost their ego and move on. Explain to them that a journey of weight loss takes patience, self-discovery, and endurance in order to achieve success.

State some facts about health and wellness tips regarding their situation rather than just giving your opinion on weight loss. Indicate to them that many obese related complications can be avoided just by embarking on a weight loss journey. Much deadly heart diseases can be avoided by losing weight. Diseases such as cancers, high blood pressures, cholesterol levels could be reduced just by one losing weight. On top of that let them know that weight loss comes with a lot of social benefits, such as looking good, improved sexual appetite and experience, good sleep.  With such vital and valuable information then your partner will see the need to lose weight as being an important undertaking and will be more willing to open up and will love you more.

Remember that the last thing you want to do is hurt your partner’s feelings, turn them against you or worsen their condition. It’s important to really think your conversation through and decide about the best route to take. Weight is really a delicate topic, therefore, make sure your intentions are for the other person’s benefits and not yourself.