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Thinking of embarking on a weight loss journey? Well, that is the best thing you can do for your health. In addition, understanding the many benefits that come with weight loss, will help keep you motivated along the way. Bear in mind that you will need the right support and determination along this journey, since losing weight is not always an easy process. A right mindset, coupled with the right focus on the benefits will yield positive results in the long run. Here are the 20 incredible benefits to keep you motivated as you embark on a weight loss journey.

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Basically, these benefits range from social, improvement in your physical, as well as your psychological well-being. Additionally, many benefits of weight loss will help prevents many serious health complications. Such as heart diseases, diabetes and certain types of cancers. Being equipped with a sound knowledge of these many benefits, then losing weight will always be among your top priority goals every day.

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1. Weight Loss Prevents Heart Disease

Weight loss is known to prevent a lot of heart-related diseases, that is why it is one of the greatest remedies for high blood pressure and stroke. Accordingly, heart-related diseases are among the well-known causes of death for both men and women worldwide. Since heart diseases strike mostly with low or no warning signs, they tend to be among the highest causes of death. For example, in the USA alone 610000 people die every year due to heart-related diseases, according to this report. Thus, among the most important weight loss benefits is the ability to have a healthier heart implying a much longer life.

Furthermore, overweight people have a higher rate of fat accumulation (triglycerides) in their bloodstream. This fat also known as cholesterol have a negative effect on the blood vessels as they tend to reduce the volume of these tubes that pump blood to all parts of the body. Consequently, this leads to angina, a condition known to cause pain (also a warning sign for heart attack) within the chest due to the decrease and restriction in the amount of blood being pumped by the heart.

Therefore, embarking on a weight loss journey will definitely reduce the chances of you developing heart-related diseases. Additionally, reducing your weight will also reduce your cholesterol levels within your bloodstream, hence the move will greatly benefit the proper functioning of your heart. So take care of your heart by reducing your weight.

2. Losing Weight Prevents Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is known to have been linked to obesity. Furthermore, diabetes is also among the top killer diseases worldwide. According to this report over 29.1 million people in the USA have diabetes. Therefore, losing weight can put you and your partner at a reduced rate of developing diabetes. In addition, as diabetics, it is recommended that you embark on this journey of weight loss, as it has proven over time to be the greatest remedy. Furthermore, physical exercises during your weight loss routine will help in controlling your blood sugar level thereby reducing the severity of this condition. If you would want to effectively eliminate Type 2 Diabetes you can check this page and discover the hidden secrets behind the causes, of diabetes.

3. The Risk Of You Developing Cancer Is Reduced When You Lose Weight

Obese is linked to different types of cancers.  Such as cancer of the uterus, gallbladder, ovary, breast, and colon. Research has indicated that women who are overweight tend to develop these various types of cancers.  Likewise, obese men are also likely to develop cancer of the colon, prostate, and cancer of the rectum. Therefore, a diet full of fat foods (bad fats) should be avoided or reduced. Therefore the benefits of embarking on a weight loss journey are that you will reduce the chances of you developing these diseases. Furthermore, weight loss also helps to reduce polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal imbalance condition that contributes to infertility in many women.

4. You Minimize Sleep Apnea When You Lose Weight

Enjoying your sleep is very important for your health. But you can rarely enjoy a sound sleep if you are overweight. Many over-weight people suffer from a condition called Sleep apnea. This is a very serious sleeping disorder where someone temporarily stops breathing and then continue snoring heavily.  Sleep apnea can even cause the heart to fail completely and lives have been lost due to this condition. However, the good news is that weight loss could eliminate this condition completely.

5. Osteoarthritis Pain Can Be Reduced As A Result Of Weight Loss

back pain due to being overweight. weight loss the solution

Our bones are the skeleton that holds our muscles together. They are our support systems. Weighing extra would imply exerting extra pressure on these bones. As a result, you may tend to start experiencing pain in the joints or bones, e.g the knees, hips, and the lower back. Therefore, weight gain will mean these support structures will have to support double or triple the weight meant for them. As a result, more pressure will result in more pain, which will expose these bones and joints to extra wear and tear every day. losing weight is, therefore, the first step to success in eliminating this problem. Therefore your physical body will enjoy these benefits that come with weight loss because you will decrease the load/weight these joints are subjected to daily. You will also further enjoy easier movements around.

6. You Will Have A Greater Sex Drive

Accordingly, experts advise that weight loss has a direct link to boosted testosterone levels (a male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid which is responsible for the production of male reproductive tissues in the testes as well as the prostate). That boost leads to an increased libido. Furthermore, weight loss will reduce the amount of tiredness and as a result, you will have more energy, for more sexual activity. In addition, when you are exercising for weight loss, you will improve your blood flow to the pelvic area, as a result, this will heighten your sexual desire.

Ideally, this research indicates that a majority of women who lose weight also report a greater frequency and satisfaction during sexual activity and experience much better feelings in relation to their attractiveness and their self-esteem.

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You may also consider weight loss so that you become more acceptable to your peers, or save your marriage. Research has indicated that most couples have better relationships after they shed off extra weight. Therefore, weight loss will guarantee you a more fulfilling sexual life. You should bear in mind that losing weight just to impress your partner is not always the best idea, because this usually yields temporal results.

7. Weight Loss Increase Sexual Performance

more energy comes as a result of weight loss

An increase in your fitness levels will have a direct effect on your lovemaking process. Hence, you will both come out of this process very satisfied. Additionally, your energy levels will also increase. So why not shed off that extra weight hindering you from enjoying your relationship, I mean to the fullest. Consequently, Other people more especially the opposite sex may also become attracted to you, because of your new ‘sexual looks’, and a sexy appealing body. Take note, this, therefore, might lead to conflicts within your relationship if you do not turn down those offers. If you would like to permanently change your sexual life them check out this post here!

8. Among The Benefits Of Weight Loss Is You Having Better Moods

Oh yes!!! You will be waking up every morning feeling great. Physical exercise will not only work on your outside body but it will also affect your mental focus and how you feel. Endorphins, the popular ‘feel-good hormones’ are hormones of the brain and the nervous system with a good number of physiological functions that are released during your workout sessions. Endorphins have been likened to having the same effects as that brought about by morphine (a pain medication product which is found naturally in a number of plants and animals) morphine acts directly on the central nervous system to reduce pain.

9. Develop A Beautiful Skin

Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful. With losing weight, beaut will also come your way. Not only do you develop healthier muscles in this journey but you will also develop a clearer and beautiful skin. Just ensure to clean up, wash thoroughly (after your workouts) in order to eliminate clogged pores and in no time you will start developing a clear and more beautiful skin. During your workouts, your body will release two important hormones (insulin and glucagon) that regulate metabolism, through the maintenance of homeostasis of the blood glucose levels. In addition to that, your hair quality will also improve.

10. Less Stress

I mean who doesn’t want to be happy? Guess no one. We all want to feel happy and enjoy life. Losing weight will definitely lead you to feel much happier about yourself and the environment around you. Thereby, you will have fewer things to worry about. You will be getting good quality sleep, less stress, worry less about developing obese related health conditions. You will, therefore, feel more relaxed. I guess a stress-free life is just great.

11. Weight Loss Will Lead You To Save More Money

fewer drugs if weight loss is considered

How often do you visit your physician, for drugs or other medicals checkups? Well, I am here to tell you that once you embark on this journey such visits will be minimized greatly, as a result, you will be saving a lot, financially. The more you learn to eat healthily, the more you will be saving because you will eat and drink less. Thereby spending less on less unhealthy foods.

12. You Will Get More Friends Along The Weight Loss Journey

Self-confidence developed as you start looking great will lead to you growing your social influence. You will meet new people as you do your workouts or when you join any weight loss community. Thereby, increasing your social network calendar. Furthermore, people will naturally want to associate with you. In short, you will become a social magnet.

13. Fewer Colds

Weight loss will improve your Immunity. As a matter of fact, you will develop fewer colds as your immune system responds to a healthy lifestyle better. Your immune system will develop well because it will be getting quality sleep every night, therefore fueling your body with new energy for each new day.

14. Improved Memory

Research indicates that losing weight will improve your memory. This happens when endorphin is released during a workout process. This hormone is ideal for boosting brainpower.

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15. Better Wardrobe Equals Better Looks

Your wardrobe will improve, as you will have a wider selection of attire to put on. In short, you gonna look pretty damn good. Additionally, you will have a chance to experiment with other new styles – fashion trends. And, of course, show other people your physical statue i.e. Your muscles and your abs. You will just love the feeling of being in fashion every time.

16. You, Will, Become A Better Cook

If you want to slim, then you will definitely feed yourself healthy foods. How do you do this? By cooking healthy meals, always or occasionally, but you will definitely need to stick to a healthy diet all the time for faster results. Ideally, you will become a better cook.

17. Improve Your Self-Confidence

Be it in the kitchen, bedroom, or any everyday life situations. You’ll undoubtedly experience a boost in self-confidence. This desire will as well lead you to engage in more and try more weight loss activities which will just add to your health benefits.

18. Food Will Taste Better

Your food will taste better after you lose weight that is according to a new study. Accordingly, this study revealed that obese people have less taste sensitivity in their mouths as compared to their slimmer counterparts.

19. Enjoy Your job More

Your work environment will also rip many benefits from your weight loss. We all need to improve productivity at our workplaces, businesses or any other life endeavors we venture in. How then can we achieve this boost? By slimming down. Well, with a slimmer body, comes a sharp brain, great memory, and easy mobility. Therefore lose weight for improved production as simple as that.

20. You Will Respect And Tolerate Other People

A weight-loss journey is a journey of self-discovery, you need to develop love and tolerance towards your body and in turn, you will automatically feel that towards other people. You will love yourself more and other people too.

So with all the benefits lined up as a result of you losing weight, such as having a healthy heart, low cholesterol levels, lowered risk of diabetes, better sleep, great sexual life and much more. Deciding to embark on your weight loss journey is the most important decision you can make for yourself together with your partner for a more fulfilled, happier and longer life. This will also revitalize your marriage as well.

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