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Sugar is a sweet crystalline substance obtained from various plants, such as sugar cane and sugar beet, which consists of sucrose. Various foods and drinks consist of sugar as a sweetener. Most of us love the sweetness that sugar adds to most of our food. You may have probably heard the brighter/good side that sugar adds to life. But did you know that sugar can have a darker/bad side too? According to this article, eating too much Sugar can actually do more harm than good to your health, no wonder others have called it a “sweet poison”. Therefore you need to consider how best you should reduce or cut your sugar intake.

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First and foremost, our bodies need sugar. In its natural form, sugar comes with many nutrients such as fiber and other useful substances ideal for good health. In natural fruits, our bodies easily digest this sugar slowly thereby providing our bodies with a lasting source of energy. However, our bodies fail to digest processed sugars easily, therefore, this sugar later turns into fat. Consequently, the worst truth is that most of us are even addicted to it. Why should you cut your sugar intake? Because it can lead you to develop many health complications. These include diabetes and other heart-related complications. Sugar can really do you more harm than good. But how is sugar bad for your health?

You Need To Cut Your Sugar Intake Because It Has No Nutritional Value

To begin with, sugar does not provide any vitamins or minerals to your body? Sugar is just an empty calorie. Therefore, adding it to your foods or drinks significantly increases their calorie content without adding any nutritional benefit whatsoever.

Usually, sugar delivers a quick energy boost, as it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. However, this quick release of energy also fades quickly. The body digests these foods and drinks very quickly. As a result, this can cause the body to experience an energy slump. Sugar is therefore, not a good source of energy. Amazingly, sugar cravings can be stopped within 3 days with this awesome product. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been glued to the habit. Click here to learn more!

You must understand that consuming empty calories will have no health benefit for your body and can actually have a negative impact on your health. This can further lead to weight gain and other chronic diseases, therefore, the best you can do is to limit or cut down the consumption of empty calories such as sugar.

Sugar Leads To Weight Gain

Another significant risk of consuming excess sugar is weight gain. Since Sugar is a carbohydrate, it will eventually turn into fat in your body. You need to understand that sugar affects insulin resistance and blood sugar levels within the blood, which in turn spike hunger. This condition will cause you to crave more sugary / carbohydrate foods.

Too much sugar (which comes with too much fat) even with regular and proper exercise can, therefore, cause weight gain. This is the biggest problem that many people who are trying to lose weight have. They fail to effectively kill their sugar cravings, as a result, they end up gaining weight on a daily basis instead of losing it.

Your body will usually digest products containing added sugars more quickly. These products offset hunger temporally. This can lead you to eat more regularly and is a greater chance to increase your calorie intake overall. This has proven to be a sure way of gaining extra weight over-time.

Sugar Affects Your Skin Health By Accelerating Wrinkles And Aging Process

The effects of sugar on the quality of the skin are so significant. Consuming excess processed sugar in your diet, even in small amounts can cause dark circles and wrinkles. Furthermore, Sugar will dehydrate your skin and it is a sure way to fasten your aging process. 

Sugar affects yoyr skin health by accelerating the aging process

In addition, sugar will accelerate the cell-aging process as well. Therefore, if you want to have more wrinkles on your face/skin just increase your sugar intake. We all know that Wrinkles are a natural process of aging. We do not need to speed it up.

So, why not limit the intake of sugar for younger and youthful-looking skin. Consuming more carbs, including added sugars, will accelerate wrinkles as compared to a high-protein, lower-carb diet.

Sugar Is Linked To Acne

Too many sugary foods and drinks have been associated with a higher risk of acne. Furthermore, more sugar including other high glycemic foods, causes your blood sugar and insulin levels to rise. That spike results in inflammation throughout your body.

In addition, this can cause an increase in androgen secretion, oil production and, all of which play significant roles in acne development. This situation puts you at risk of developing acne and other related skin problems. Consequently, chronic inflammation caused by excess sugar consumption damages both collagen and elastin of your skin.

If Sugar Consumption Is Not Cut It Can Lead To Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the softening of your tooth enamel which leads to the damaging of the structure of the tooth as a result of the acids created when plaque bacteria break down sugar in your mouth. These complications include inflammation of the tissues around the tooth, which may result in tooth loss and or infection.

how to cut sugar to keep your teeth health

The bacteria in the mouth use sugar from foods and drinks to produce acids. These acids later dissolve and damage the teeth. You need to know that sugar-sweetened beverages have a higher level of sugar. Therefore, drinking them can significantly contribute to tooth decay.

What happens is that after eating sugary foods, the bacteria in the mouth forms a thin layer of plaque over the teeth. These bacteria further react with these sugars. The reaction triggers the release of an acid that damages the teeth.

Therefore, limiting the intake of foods high in sugar is one effective way to prevent tooth cavities. In addition brushing after taking sweet foods will provide you with long-lasting healthy teeth.

Cut Your Sugar Intake For A Healthier Heart

It is not well understood how exactly sugar tends to affect heart health, but research indicates several indirect connections. For example, too much sugar can hinder a person from consuming healthier foods. Furthermore, drinking sugar-sweetened beverages can raise blood pressure and increase chronic inflammation.

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In addition, a high-sugar diet may also stimulate the liver to dump more harmful fats into the bloodstream. Both these factors can contribute to a heightened risk of one developing heart disease. The effects of added sugar to your diet result in higher blood pressure, inflammation, weight gain, and fatty liver disease. All these factors are linked to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Sugar Is Linked To Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a lifelong condition that causes a person’s blood sugar to be very high.  This condition can occur because of insulin receptors becoming desensitized and as a result no longer responding to insulin; or, maybe due to the beta cells of the pancreas no longer producing insulin.

Prolonged high-sugar consumption drives resistance to insulin. A hormone produced by the pancreas that regulates blood sugar levels in the body. Research indicates that there is a clear link between excessive sugar consumption and developing type 2 diabetes.

It is not true that sugar causes diabetes but a high-calorie diet of any kind can lead to type 2 diabetes. However, in most cases, diets that are very high in sugars are also high in calories. This, therefore, may increase the risk of diabetes. Furthermore, a high-sugar diet may lead to obesity and insulin resistance, both of which are risk factors for diabetes.

Sugar Can Lead To Developing Different Types Of Cancers

There is enough evidence suggesting that consuming large amounts of sugar increase the risk of certain types of cancers, such as esophageal, pleural and small intestine, and breast cancers.

Excess sugars can also lead to weight gain and increase the risk of obesity and diabetes, which may later increase the risk of cancer.

Accordingly, the increased risk of one developing cancer is not with sugar intake but is with how the body responds to sugar. For example, if you eat sugar-rich foods, if you are insulin-resistant, then, there will be a greater spike in your blood sugars. This spike will result in an increased release of insulin-like growth factor, which helps in the growth of cancer. However, if blood glucose levels are better controlled, then, less insulin-like growth factors are released which likely will decrease cancer growth.

Cut Your Sugar Consumption And Be Happy

how to cut sugar and be happy

Eating too much sugar may spike your risk for mood disorders, including depression. While a healthy diet can help improve your mood, on the other hand, a diet high in added sugar and processed foods may increase your chances of developing depression in both men and women. Therefore, if you want to give your moods a boost then stay away and cut down on sugar more specially refined sugars.

Sugar Is More Addictive Than Cocaine

Sugar is more addictive than cocaine. What happens is that drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines, and nicotine hijack your brain system. Activation of this system, therefore, leads to intense feelings of reward that can result in cravings for more, as a result, addiction. Therefore, drugs as well as sugar, activate the same reward system in the brain, causing the release of dopamine – a feel-good hormone. You do not want to be addicted to this product looking at all these health effects associated with sugar.

Apart from the risks listed above, sugar can harm your body and your health in many other ways. Sugar can increase your risk of kidney disease and increase the risk of gouts. In addition, sugar can accelerate cognitive decline, increase belly fat and makes you feel hungry.

How Can You Cut Your Sugar Intake For Better Health?

If you look around, you discover that sugar is everywhere, from drinks, sauces, soups, to sandwiches.

You need to pay special attention to how much sugar is in your food and create strategies on how you will cut back the intake slowly. As you do that, your palate will adjust automatically, and you will not need as much sugar. Furthermore, swap all sweetened drinks for water which is much more healthier. Consume whole fruits instead of sugar-sweetened fruit smoothies.

In addition, you need to be keeping a food diary, since it is an excellent way of becoming more aware of the main sources of sugar in your diet so that you maintain good health. However, the best way to limit your added sugar intake is to prepare your own healthy meals at home and avoid buying foods and drinks that are high in added sugar. In this case, you will be sure you are consuming the right quantity of sugar in each serving and this is the best way to keep your health in check


You need to understand that sugar does not cause weight gain and obesity by itself, but is one of the several causes. Nevertheless, being overweight or obese is due to a complex interaction in your diet, your physical activity, your genes, your social and environmental factors. However, if you limit or cut the amount of sugar in your diet, it is one sure way of preventing weight gain and other weight-related complications. If you’ve tried some of these strategies listed above and have failed to achieve your intended goal, don’t worry or panic. This amazing safe product will guarantee that you KILL your Sugar Cravings Within 3-Days and never will you be a slave to Sugar Cravings Anymore. So Get Yours Today At A Discounted Price Here!