9 Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water Before Bed

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9 Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water Before Bed

You have probably heard of Lemon water. Well, in simpler terms, this is the juice from lemons mixed with water. Lemon is a popular citrus fruit that is very high in vitamin C and has many powerful nutrients. In addition, this juice can be prepared by anyone, anywhere and at any time. It can be taken hot or cold. It is as simple as that. The health benefits of drinking lemon water before going to bed are many, no wonder it has become a very popular remedy. These benefits range from mood-boosting, weight loss, enhancing energy levels, improving immunity and enhancing metabolism.

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1. Drinking Lemon Water Before Bed Promotes Hydration

Drinking water is very difficult for some people despite the many health benefits that water has. As you may be aware, water is the best beverage for hydration. So how would you enjoy the full benefits of hydration? By adding lemon to each glass of water. This will greatly improve its taste and will, therefore, lead to you drinking more water. As a result, you will be kept hydrated and will aid in the detoxification process of your body. Check this offer here if you would like to Lose Weight, Detoxify and Hydrate your body with this amazing lemonade drink now.

2. It Is Very Rich In Vitamin C

We know that Citrus fruits are very high in vitamin C, so is the lemon. Vitamin C plays a vital role in the body. It is ideal for growth, development as well as repair of all body tissues. Vitamin C is also involved in the absorption of iron, wound healing, maintenance of bones and teeth including other important bodily functions. Furthermore, the other benefits of lemon water are that it provides us with potential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium to the body. Vitamin C further helps to improve eyesight.

3. Drinking Lemon Water Before Bed Will Help You Lose Weight

Lemon water for weight loss is great because it promotes fullness. Therefore, you will be eating fewer potions of food and it will lead you to reduce your cravings for unhealthy foods. In addition, lemon water will help in suppressing your appetite. Polyphenol antioxidants found in lemons greatly help to reduce weight gain. Lemon water also creates a calorie deficit, which can help you lose weight in the end. Click here for an effective easy weight loss solution with Lemonade- and get the results within days.

4. It Improves Your Skin Quality

Vitamin C found in lemons will help reduce wrinkles on your skin, protects dry skin from aging, as well as protecting your skin from damage caused by the sun. Accordingly, this report indicates that because of these skin-protecting properties Lemon has been a very popular remedy for many skin problems such as acne, dark spots, and wrinkles.

Lemon juice helps keep the body hydrated and provides electrolytes to the body. Therefore it is ideal for keeping your skin soft and healthy. Furthermore, drinking lemon water may help reduce pain in the joint and muscle.

5. It Aids Digestion

Lemon water is great for digestion. Some people drink it as a laxative in order to prevent constipation. Lemons are acidic in nature, so when you drink lemon water, it can stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid. This further helps to improve digestion. Therefore, drinking a glass of warm or hot lemon water before bed will help your bowels a lot. Furthermore, Lemon water acts as a digestive and as a detoxifying agent, which helps in cleaning the liver and bring about better digestive health.

6. Drinking Lemon Water Before Going To Bed Will Give You A Fresh Breath In The Morning

Ever wondering how to fight that bad breath from the mouth? Well, lemon water can do wonders even in this area. Just by rinsing your mouth with a little lemon water, it will effectively neutralize bad breath found in the mouth. This is because of the citric acid found in a lemon which stimulates saliva production and fights off bad breath. Alternatively, you can simply chew on parsley; the chlorophyll in it will help freshen your mouth. This same remedy may apply to bad breath due to eating foods with a strong smell such as garlic or onions. You can as well drink lemon water after meals or first thing in the morning for a fresher mouth.

7. Helps Prevent Kidney Stones

Research indicates that drinking a concentrated glass of lemon water every day can greatly increase urine citrate. Furthermore, it is likely to reduce kidney stone risk due to the citric acid present in lemons. How does this happen? Well the Citrate, a component of citric acid, reduces the acidity of the urine and may even break up small stones. Furthermore, the other benefits of drinking lemon water are that apart from breaking down those stones you will even have enough water to even flush them out.

8. Drinking Lemon Water Before Bed Is Good For Your Heart

Potassium found in lemons may help control blood pressure. In addition, vitamin C from lemon water may reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease and stroke.

the other benefits of lemon water is that it will give you a healthier heart

Research has further indicated that fiber and plant compounds found in lemons could significantly improve the health of the heart. Potassium is also good for your brain and nerves.

Potassium found in lemons may help control blood pressure. In addition, vitamin C from lemon water may reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease and stroke. Research has further indicated that fiber and plant compounds found in lemons could significantly improve the health of the heart. Potassium is also good for your brain and nerves.

9. It Can Reduce Stress And Is A Great Detox

Vitamin C in lemons can help in alleviating stress as well as fighting viral infections and sore throats. This vitamin helps to keep the immune system strong. Lemon water reduces inflammation, cleanses the system, decreases the acidity levels in your body, and removes uric acid from joints as well as help in managing stress. So when you just feel stressed or tired, sip a glass of lemon water and in no time you will regain your lost energy. Check the Effortless Master Cleanse Detox Here Now and Start Cleaning Your System The Moment You Sip It In – It’s So Amazing and its 100% Lemonade Drink.

How To Drink Lemon Water

Lemon water is a beverage, which can be tailored, on personal preference. For effective results, it is recommended to drink lemon water before you go to bed. However, many people prefer drinking it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Bear in mind that this drink can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Furthermore, you can enjoy it either cold or hot. Adding at least half a lemon to a glass of water is the most recommended mixture. If need be you can still add some more ingredients such as turmeric, mint or honey just to add some flavor to it.

How To Prepare Lemon Water?

For positive health outcomes from lemon water, you need to drink it consistently and add more pieces of lemon to your glass of water. Fresh lemons are more preferred than artificial ones from a bottle.

You will need, a lemon, grater, chopping board, knife, warm/cold water, glass.

What To Do:

  1. Grate the zest from the lemon, do not throw this stuff, avoid going too deep into the lemon skin as you grate it.
  2. Soften the lemon by rolling it on the chopping board.
  3. Cut the lemon into two then squeeze the juice out of the lemon, remove the seeds.
  4. Cut the remaining lemon into small slices.
  5. Now mix the zest, sliced lemon, and the lemon juice into the glass of warm water and enjoy the drink.
  6. Drink it every morning preferably on an empty stomach for at least three months.
  7. You can add mint, raw honey, cinnamon or turmeric just to improve its taste if you like.

The zest from the lemon has many health benefits such as fighting cancer, improving bone and skin conditions. In addition, it helps in reducing the cholesterol level in the blood. If you ever get stuck you can always refer to this Full Guide Here on How to Drink Lemon Water for you to enjoy all these benefits.

In general drinking lemon water has many health benefits, such as promoting hydration, increase weight loss, help prevent kidney stones and improving the freshness of your mouth. However, you should note that Lemon Water is not necessarily better than regular water. It is therefore important to understand that most of these benefits come from its main ingredient- that is the water. In addition, this remedy may pose serious health issues you may want to check out and possibly avoid. You want to lose weight, improve your digestion or better still improve your skin? Then get a glass of lemon water every day before going to bed, and see the benefits rolling in.

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