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Do you feel your partner needs to lose weight, but you are not sure how to convey the message? Without hurting him/her? Well, it sounds simple, but in actual sense, it may not be as simple as you might think. Did you know that some people get offended when discussing their weight? Therefore, how best can you talk to your loved ones in a more lovely and friendly manner? Remember, picking the right strategy and tone will greatly help both of you along the way. Always bear in mind that mostly this could really be a very sensitive issue to some people. Well, whatever it may be achieving weight loss success for couples is a great thing you should invest your time, resources and energy into.

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weight loss for couples

Why is it so difficult to tell someone you love that they need to reduce their weight? To begin with, your partner might be offended and he/she may take the sentiments as criticism. Many people are actually offended by telling them that ‘they are fat’ and in most cases, the word may be considered offensive. I guess you don’t want to bring in unnecessary tension within your marriage.

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Therefore, discussing your partner’s weight may be among the most delicate topic within relationships. Ideally, there are a few things you will need to understand as couples before you embark on a weight loss journey. As the person giving support, you need to plan this process strategically for the utmost success to be achieved. The right tone and approach will definitely guarantee you a positive response.

Talk To Your Partner Anyway- But Politely

Whether you like it or not, you need to break the silence. This is the first step and you need to ensure that you don’t harm your relationship. Firstly you need to choose the right environment and mood. You can do it in the evening when you are all relaxing. A quieter place would be ideal for just the two of you. Do not bring the topic in full view of other people such as peers, relatives or workmates. Do not aim to embarrass your partner because this may even worsen the situation.

During your discussion always remain respectful and handle the whole process in a more lovely and mature manner. Let your partner sense a feeling of love within your message. If not, then unknowingly, you may just push your partner further into indulging in unhealthy habits, which will ultimately worsen the results. Remember you are trying to help. Therefore, be as calm as possible and do not bring in unnecessary tension within your relationship.

Offer Guidance And Show Them The Support They Need

Well, you need to understand that whether male or female, losing weight is something a lot of people struggle with sometimes in their lives. Couples want to achieve weight loss success for various reasons. Therefore, as someone offering the support you need to understand, why losing weight is necessary and also the many benefits that come with this pursuit.

go with them in order to help your partner lose weight

Help your partner by letting them know the reason behind your drive. Explain to them why you want them to lose weight? Don’t tell your partner to lose weight so that they get approval from you, this could yield you temporal results, and may not be beneficial for both of you. Explain to them from e.g a healthy point of view. Do not sound judgmental in your discussion, after all, you are just concerned about your partner’s health, your relation and other benefits that come with weight loss.

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So approach it from a healthy perspective and chances are that your mate will appreciate you more. You need to point out the facts about weight loss, the incredible benefits, such as good health, and other social benefits. Possibly go further by helping them set realistic and achievable goals. This Resource has always proven to be beneficial when it comes to setting and achieving any goal. It is a must-have Goal Management Software…You can have a look at it by clicking here.

Motivate Each Other As Couples In Order To Achieve Weight Loss Success

In addition, you will also need to understand that a weight loss journey is purely a personal journey that requires a lot of support from those around you. So in order to help your partner lose weight,  you’ll have a duty to show love and care to your spouse during this journey. Additionally, you need to understand that losing weight takes time and may not be achieved within your expected time. As a result, you should have enough patience together during this journey.

Mind The Food You Are Eating

Usually what goes in our mouths has a great bearing on how we gain or lose weight. Therefore, indulging in unhealthy foods is a sure way towards failure in this journey. So, keep all unhealthy foods out of sight and always encourage your partner to eat healthily. Probably help your loved one to stick to a dietitian’s meal plan. Additionary, you can check this post in order to determine Exactly What to Eat For You to Lose Fat and Get Healthy Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods or Starving Yourself.

In addition, you should be ready to change your lifestyles too in order to suit your partner, for example instead of going out to eat during the evenings, you can go out and have fun together like biking, swimming or engaging in any physical exercise together. Taking a walk around the neighborhood together in the evenings can really help your partner love the journey of weight loss. Remember actions speak louder than words.

In addition, when you are in front of a TV set watch weight loss motivation programs such as ‘Extreme Weight Loss’, ‘I Used to be Fat’ together and many other weight loss related programs. These may inspire your partner more and may just turn their lives around. But do not try to compare them to other people in such shows. Remember that your partner is a very unique person, who just needs your support and encouragement.

Tell Them The Facts

Assure your partner that you are very much concerned about them achieving their weight loss goal. Be as honest as possible. And be ready to provide honest answers to their question. Point to them the relevant professional help they may need. Such as websites or other forms of community support if they need it.

Besides, ensure to do your research thoroughly and offer suggestions precisely. Make sure to have an array of options including weight loss diet programs, fitness trainers around, etc.

State some facts about health and wellness tips regarding their situation rather than just giving your opinion on weight loss. With such valuable information, your partner will likely value your ideas and see the importance to lose weight.

Acknowledge And Compliment Small Changes

Acknowledging and complimenting small changes you notice could greatly motivate and help your partner lose weight because such encouragements help them to remain focused and determined along the way.

Celebrate Small Changes

Celebrate the smallest improvement you note together in a special manner. Congratulate them and listen to your partner’s concerns along the way. Remember your aim is to make sure your partner comes out of this journey healthier. Pointing out to them the positive changes you have noticed in them, may just boost their ego to move on.

weight loss for couples

Furthermore, explain to them that a journey of weight loss takes time. So you need to have patience and in the long run, you will achieve success. Remember that the last thing you want to do is hurt your partner’s feelings, and turning them against you or worsen their situation.

It’s important to really think your conversation through and aim to pick the best approach. Since this is a very delicate topic, make sure your partner understands that you are encouraging him/her to do it because of love. And that you want the best thing for them to live happier and healthier lives. Furthermore, let your loved one understand that weight loss in marriage/couples comes with a lot of benefits.

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